Attunity Maestro Named in DBTA Magazine’s List of Trendsetting Products in Data for 2015

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We are pleased to announce that Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) has named Attunity Maestro a Trendsetter in its annual list of trendsetting products in data management. The list is DBTA Trend-Setting Products Imageselected by the Magazine’s editorial staff, and as a result of research conducted by Unisphere Research Group, DBTA’s market research arm. DBTA’s 2015 list recognizes products based on their uniqueness, marketplace influence and importance to the data and information management field. The Trendsetting Products of 2015 are all highlighted in the December print edition of DBTA magazine and on the website.

Recent Unisphere Research reports show that IT management departments are increasingly being relied upon to help their organizations gain a competitive advantage from data. However, effectively managing the necessary integration of data and applications to fulfill this value proposition has become a bigger challenge than ever before. For this reason, identifying solutions with proven performance and ease of use has become critical for individual customers and organizations alike. DBTA has created this ‘Trendsetting Products’ list to help enterprises shorten the discovery process by narrowing the list to the most effective solutions on the market.

“More than ever, the spotlight is on data and IT management teams to help their organizations gain maximum value from their data while also mitigating risk,” says Tom Hogan, Publisher of Database Trends and Applications. “Fortunately, leading vendors like Attunity are developing products and services to do just that. Attunity Maestro really stands out as a unique innovation and is an important and deserving addition to our 2015 Trendsetting Products list.”

An enterprise information flow management and IT automation platform, Attunity Maestro streamlines the integration of mission-critical data processes into daily business activity. Attunity Maestro is also designed to centrally manage and automate large-scale data and file movement, which enables seamless information flow across distributed and/or geographically-dispersed enterprise environments. The solution provides complete visibility into distributed data replication, system-wide application release management, and data transmission and distribution processes across business units and external partners.

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