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Ted Orme, October 1, 2015

Organisations are running into growing volumes of Big Data, which can become very costly and about as easy to manage as herding elephants! There’s constant pressure on organisations to make better and faster decisions and it’s important that data is easily manageable so that it’s providing real value to the business.

Incorporating Hadoop and Attunity technology into your existing IT environment makes it easier to store, manage, and process data for use in analytics, business intelligence (BI), and decision support. Enterprises that leverage Hadoop to support their Big Data...

Rodan Zadeh, September 29, 2015

Data Scientists and business innovators of all types often want to test an idea with real data. And often they wait on DBAs who must wait on developers to write the necessary code for data integration. When the data set is finally ready, it often remains out of sync thanks to duplicative update processes.

Today Big Data integration gets a little easier for all the non-coders.

We’re excited to announce Attunity Replicate Express, a new downloadable version of Attunity Replicate whose easy drag-and-drop configuration and change data capture (CDC) technology cut the time, cost...

Kevin Petrie, September 29, 2015

We all know that Data Lakes run the risk of becoming swamps. Without balanced processes for managing and tracking data, enterprises can fail to extract any real value from Hadoop. In fact, things can get downright muddy.

With this challenge in mind, we are particularly pleased today to announce Attunity Visibility 7.0 software, which extends data usage analytics and monitoring to the data lake so that you can keep your data ecosystem clear and healthy.

What does this mean? With Attunity Visibility 7.0 you can understand how your business is using data and the underlying...

Naveen Punjabi, September 24, 2015

Like many western towns, Seattle has seen its share of booms and busts, driven by lumber, gold, ships, planes and tech.

So I was pleased to find evidence of a steady, healthy upswing in the Hadoop business during the recent Hortonworks Open Enterprise road show there. We had great conversations with attendees about ‘Identifying the right data for Hadoop’ and the ‘Power of accelerated data ingest for advanced analytics apps.’ The conversations served as a great medium to hear about challenges and to gather insights directly from customers.

Earlier this year, a Gartner survey...

Kevin Petrie, September 22, 2015

The future masters of technology will have to be light-hearted and intelligent. The machine easily masters the grim and the dumb.”

– Canadian intellectual Marshall McLuhan

Strata + Hadoop 2015 brings together technology masters next week in New York to consider the future of data and machines.

It is a tricky subject. Ubiquitous data collection and ever-smarter machines can make us all feel grim and dumb.

But there is room to be light-hearted and intelligent. Here are three big show themes that...

Ted Orme, September 16, 2015

Big Data has changed the way that we use and manage data. With more data than ever before in higher velocities from more sources across the organisation, enterprises simply can’t afford to miss business opportunities due to time spent “data wrangling” for useful nuggets in their data.

Many enterprises have outgrown the traditional Operational Data Store (ODS) and instead are looking for a new way forward.

We can help.

A new architecture, the Enterprise Data Hub (EDH), is required. The EDH is a unified platform that can collect and store unlimited data in its...

Vijay Raman, September 14, 2015

IT is faced with enormous challenges in delivering data to the enterprise. Data is growing exponentially while IT budgets are staying flat. It’s nearly impossible to invest in infrastructure at the same rate of data growth. The lines of business (LOBs) expect the right data at the right place at the right time so that they can extract value from the data as quickly as possible.

Kevin Petrie, September 11, 2015

The Omni Parker House in downtown Boston has been home to some great stories.

Charles Dickens gave his first American reading of A Christmas Carol there in 1867, and Jack Kennedy proposed to Jackie O at Table #40 in Parker’s Restaurant in 1953.

Kevin Petrie, September 4, 2015

Manufacturing made the US a world power in the 19th Century. Today we share the industrial stage, and experts disagree on our standing.

Rodan Zadeh, September 4, 2015

Moving data is tricky!

Not only for you, but for your programs and databases as well. Relational databases can be challenging when it comes to migrations because of the sheer complexity and variety of the data.